Limb-itless: Adventure Songwriting

Inspirational Documentary “Limb-itless: Adventure Songwriting”


Nashville, TN - Gabe Adams travels on an adventure of a lifetime spanning

Utah to Nashville with Grammy Award winning record producer & hit songwriter Joe

West, Together, the duo accomplish things that they thought might not be possible and

along the way encourage others to push a little harder, reach a little higher and see the

world in a different light.


Adams was born in Brazil with Hanhart Syndrome, a genetic disorder, leaving him with

no limbs. Gabe’s tragic beginning was not his tragic end, but rather the seed of a story

that would eventually become a self-authored masterpiece with all the ingredients

needed to change the world.


Award winning producer West saw Gabe’s story on Facebook (his video story alone has

more than 200 million views), and was so moved that he reached out directly to Gabe.

Said West, “The goal was to thank him and let him know how inspired I was from his

story. After watching Gabe I felt like I could do anything… I didn’t know how or what, but

I knew I had to collaborate with him.”


Their collaboration is documented in the short film.


Adams and West head off into the canyons of Utah to find friendship and a song then fly

back to Music City to turn their creation into a record, all while the true story is subliminally

unfolding… With enough perseverance, passion and heart any goal is achievable!


“Watching Limb-itless was like going to an attitude chiropractor.”

- Jimmy Wayne

#1 Billboard Hit Recording Artist, New York Times Best-Selling Author


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